UD-USB Decoder (15 Pin D-Sub Version)

UD-USB Decoder (Terminal Block Version)

Manual v.1.0 (8 Button - October 2014)

UD-CPS2 and UD-USB Firmwares

Firmware v.1.4d beta (July 2019)
Firmware v.1.4c beta (May 2018)
Firmware v.1.4b beta (Nov 2017)
Firmware v.1.4a beta (May 2017)
Firmware v.1.3 (October 2014)
Firmware v.1.2 (August 2013)
Firmware v.1.1 (May 2013)

Firmware Changelog

Rev. 1.4d Beta (2019/07/27, Victrix Pro FS Support):
- Added support for Victrix Pro FS. Also now Qanba Dragon/Obsidian will run in PS4 mode (previously only worked in PS3 mode).

Rev. 1.4c Beta (2018/05/17, Sony Model CUH-ZCT2U Support):
- Added support for Sony's 2nd Model PS4 pad (original was CUH-ZCT1U, 2nd is CUH-ZCT2U).

Rev. 1.4b Beta (2017/11/10, DB15 Pin 9 Bug Fix):
- Fixed a problem only affecting 15 Pin D-Sub hardware. There was a small hardware change regarding potential future use of Pin 9 (in previous hardware versions it is not connected at all). Signal was always active in previous firmware. This version makes it inactive.

Rev. 1.4a Beta (2017/05/23, Preliminary PS4/XBONE Support):
- Tested with Official MS XBONE pad, Official Sony PS4 pad, HORI RAP4 PS4 stick, Hori FPS Pro PS4 pad, Venom PS4 stick, Sanwa GGXRD PS4 stick.
- Fixed button mapping on Some older HORI sticks.

Rev. 1.3 (2014/09/04, only benefits 8 Button UD-USB Decoder):
- Added support for new hardware with extra output signals: Home, Punch 4, and Kick 4.

Rev. 1.2 (2013/08/29, Saboten Con Build):
- Fixed 3rd party PS3 button order (many controllers should no longer require button mapping mode for proper button order).
- Improved 3rd party PS3 accessing button mapping mode (some controllers could not enter button mapping mode at all).
- Made a change that may fix some 3rd party PS3 controllers I came across at EVO 2013 that didn't read buttons at all.

Rev. 1.1 (2013/05/23, WNF @ Super Arcade Demo):
- Improved access to button mapping mode for some controllers.
- Added handling of short circuit on USB power.

Rev. 1.0 (2013/01/29, DGV Demo, New Hardware, Not Distributed):
- Changes regarding New Hardware Design.
- Added Test signal support.

Rev. 0.X - (2013/01/29, SoCal Regionals 2013 Build, Not Distributed):
- Added some 3rd Party PS3 support.
- Fixed direction bug (would cause a direction to be held for a moment after returning to neutral).

Rev. 0.X - (2012/05/03, EVO 2012 Demo, Not Distributed)
- First public demo with PS3/X360 support.