Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 News

Wow, it's been a little while since posting any updates!  In the last few years, my vision for UD-CPS2 has pretty much been fulfilled.  It is helping old Capcom fans run events around the globe.  The story continues, though.  I'm working on a DIY kit so that others can build their own.

In other news, I'm releasing a beta version of UD-USB Decoder firmware (works on all flavours: UD-CPS2, Screw Terminal, and 15 Pin D-Sub) with PS4/XBONE support.  Truth be told, I had those controllers working about a year ago and have been struggling to find the time to resolve a bug that popped up.  That bug has been crushed and Grand Master Challenge (@grandmaster_uk) has kindly done a fair amount of testing at their local events/tournaments.  I still have a wishlist I'm slowly pecking away at for more features, but the latest firmware has been added to the Downloads page.

Also, I apologize for the delays in availability of Decoders.  I've failed pretty hard in the scheduling department, this year.  I've had parts for them for over a month and the Screw Terminal decoders are scheduled to finally get built this weekend.  The 15 Pin D-Subs should be soon to follow.