Just so you understand the direction I wish to take my drivers, my goal is that button mapping mode would be a last resort.  Ideally, I would like for stock factory controllers to have proper button order when you plug them in.  If you encounter a controller that does not have proper button order (typical SF layout) or it does not work at all, it would be very helpful and appreciated if you could report the following:

Controller Type (i.e. Madcatz TE) and one of the following:
A.) Works, but button order is wrong.
B.) Works, but won't enter button mapping mode.
C.) A & B.
D.) LED indicator is GREEN when plugged in, but no button presses are recognized.
E.) Doesn't work at all (LED indicator OFF).
F.) Doesn't work at all (LED indicator RED, Flashing, Etc.).
G.) Other (please describe).

If you are testing a dual modded controller, if possible, make note of which system mode it is in (some setups allow you to force it into a particular system mode).

Thanks for the help, and let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.