UD-USB Decoder (15 Pin D-Sub Version)

UD-USB Decoder (Terminal Block Version)

Manual v.1.0 (8 Button - October 2014)

UD-CPS2 and UD-USB Firmwares

Firmware v.1.4a beta (May 2017)
Firmware v.1.3 (October 2014)
Firmware v.1.2 (August 2013)
Firmware v.1.1 (May 2013)

Firmware Changelog

Rev. 1.4a Beta (2017/05/23, Preliminary PS4/XBONE Support):
- Tested with Official MS XBONE pad, Official Sony PS4 pad, HORI RAP4 PS4 stick, Hori FPS Pro PS4 pad, Venom PS4 stick, Sanwa GGXRD PS4 stick.
- Fixed button mapping on Some older HORI sticks.

Rev. 1.3 (only benefits 8 Button UD-USB Decoder):
- Added support for new hardware with extra output signals: Home, Punch 4, and Kick 4.

Rev. 1.2 (2013/08/29, Saboten Con Build):
- Fixed 3rd party PS3 button order (many controllers should no longer require button mapping mode for proper button order).
- Improved 3rd party PS3 accessing button mapping mode (some controllers could not enter button mapping mode at all).
- Made a change that may fix some 3rd party PS3 controllers I came across at EVO 2013 that didn't read buttons at all.

Rev. 1.1 (2013/05/23, WNF @ Super Arcade Demo):
- Improved access to button mapping mode for some controllers.
- Added handling of short circuit on USB power.

Rev. 1.0 (2013/01/29, DGV Demo, New Hardware, Not Distributed):
- Changes regarding New Hardware Design.
- Added Test signal support.

Rev. 0.X - (2013/01/29, SoCal Regionals 2013 Build, Not Distributed):
- Added some 3rd Party PS3 support.
- Fixed direction bug (would cause a direction to be held for a moment after returning to neutral).

Rev. 0.X - (2012/05/03, EVO 2012 Demo, Not Distributed)
- First public demo with PS3/X360 support.